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spacious workshop
the workwomen
who have rich experience

dard worktable

"huahui"packaging products
Welcome cooperation with HUAHUI Our company has the following advantages regarding the processing cooperation:

1, Our company is located in the original
prooducing place of mushroom. And here every
house farms mushrooms, therefore the product
resource is abundant and cheap; 2, The potential of the local labourmarket
is hug.Workers wages are about 15 yuan RMB a day,so the processing coat is very low.
3, Under strict managing,our company has
trained a swarm of workwomen who can get with
producing the exporting mushroom products.they
have gained rich experience in manufacturing
by hands. 4, The conditions of cooperation with our
company are excellent:spacious factory,work- shops,warehouses,cold-storages,and independent
facilities ofwater and electricity supply. 5, Our company has been engaged with ex- porting mushrooms for many years and has gain-
ed rich experience and good reputation.it
exportsmushroom products to
Japan ,Korea, USA,
Canada and Europe.
There has never been any
return of goods because of poor quality of
the exporting.
The detailed cooperation
form may be:

Order all kinds and grades of primary mushroom products from our company; Order by wholesale all kinds of small packaged products from our company or cooperate with us to exploit supermarkets; Your company provides samples,packaging requirement or raw materials etc.,and our company takes advantage of the original pro- ducing places,factory shops, and cheap labour etc. tobe in charge of processing.Your company can also use our registered trade
mark"HUAHUI" and the bar code for packaging
Invest to our firm directly or organize
a joint venture business.

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